New to Lacrosse

New to Lacrosse


Intermountain Lacrosse is volunteer driven! Parents play a wonderful role in the development and support of the sport of lacrosse.  Below are some FAQ's that might help you get started.  

Boys lacrosse and Girls Lacrosse are played with a different set of rules.  Boys lacrosse is considered a full-contact sport where girls lacrosse is a noncontact sport.

Lacrosse equipment guide.  

For more information specific to the rules of the sport select one of the following two options -  Boys Rules   Girls Rules

For new youth boys players, IMLAX offers an equipment rental program. This can help offset the initial expenses associated with the sport. More  information can be found under our "Equipment Rental Tab" on the top menu.


How do I register my player for lacrosse?

Registering for any IMLAX league or event is done online through the Demosphere registration system linked on our website ( From the home page please scroll down and select the "Registration" Link. Next, Create a profile and follow the prompts to register for the season.

What team/program should I register for? 

The boys and girls youth leagues teams/programs largely stem down through the affiliated high school lacrosse programs. Players are to register, and be eligible to play, for the team/program that corresponds to the public high school boundaries in which they live. If your school/area does not have a lacrosse program players are then placed on the next closest team/program in the league. You may contact the office if you have questions about the next closest program.

After I register, how will I find out about practices and games?

It is the coach's responsibility to determine the practice schedule and location. They should then contact their roster and communicate this information. If you have not heard from your coach, please reach out to the IMLAX office.  We are always looking for more coaches and help within each program.  

Games & Scheduling

Games schedules are produced by the Intermountain Lacrosse Staff. With teams ranging from Idaho Falls and Jackson Hole to southern Utah County all game schedules are created with the key objective of limiting travel for all parents, players, coaches, and teams in mind. Teams can expect to play the next closest teams in their local, with the majority of teams never traveling outside of a 20-30 mile radius at most.  You might have one or two weekend where you will travel further.   

In order to allow maximum use of fields, scheduling of officials, and maximize schedule efficiency we make every effort to release the schedule as early as possible.  However, with all the moving parts it is possible that the schedule won't be released until the Monday before the first Saturday of games due to last-minute team splits and combinations. We appreciate your patience!

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, Intermountain Lacrosse provides a limited number of scholarships to players in need in each of our leagues. The online form must be completed and submitted to the IMLAX office. Individual teams may offer scholarships to cover team dues/fees. Please contact your coach/program rep/IMLAX office for additional information. 

Please visit the appropriate league page ( i.e. winter league, high school, youth) from the horizontal main menu for more information specific to each league.

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