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2019 Fall Youth Coaches Registration


We need to get ALL Youth coaches to register so that we can have them in the system and link them to their appropriate teams. This is also how you get on the coaches contact page on the youth section of our website.


Opened: 07/17/2019
Closes: 09/25/2019

Open to: Boys & Girls

Youth Officials Registration


If you are interested in officiating Boys Youth Lacrosse please register so that we can have you in the system for communication and tracking purposes.  Once you register you will receive contact from our Boys Youth Officials Coordinator.

Opened: 01/01/2019
Closes: 12/31/2020

Open to: Boys & Girls

Community Page & Newsletter Email Registration September 2019

If you have an event/clinic/tournament you wish to be included in the Community page for free please fill out the following form.

If you are interested in getting your event/tournament/clinic into our Bi-Monthly newsletter this is a $50 charge. Newsletters will be sent out on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. You need to re-submit and pay monthly to continue to have your post included on the newsletter.

Opened: 08/26/2019
Closes: 09/30/2019

Open to: Men & Women