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Adaptive/Unified Lacrosse

Intermountain Lacrosse is excited to announce we will be hosting our first ever adaptive/unified lacrosse program for individuals with intellectual disablities of all ages! 


When: June 21st, 23rd, 28th, & 30th from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Where: Altara Elementary School- 800 E 11000 S, Sandy, UT 84094

Cost: The cost is $30 per player- this includes 4 sessions & a jersey!

Who: Players with intellectual disabilites of all ages and unified partners! 


Click HERE to register as an adaptive player

Click HERE to register as a unified partner


Session 1 (June 21st)- Lacrosse 101

We will learn the very basics of lacrosse, meet our new teammates, & have fun! 

Session 2 (June 23rd)- Lacrosse 2.0

We will take what we learned in session 1 and build on those skills! We will also learn the rules of the game!

Session 3 (June 28th)- Scrimmage Day! 

We will be doing a warm-up to practice our new lacrosse skills which will be followed by a scrimmage to practice playing in a game!

Session 4 (June 30th) Game Day! 

We will take everything we have learned in our adaptive lacrosse program and play in a game! Families are invited to come watch! 



What equipment is needed? 

Just a lacrosse stick! If you would like to wear more protective equipment (i.e. helmet, goggles, pads, mouthguard) you are more than welcome to. 

What if I don't have any lacrosse equipment? 

No worries! We will provide equipment to any player who needs it! 

Is this a contact sport?

No! Our adaptive program will be strictly non-contact. 

What is a unified partner?

A unified partner is a teammate without an intellectual disability who will play along side their teammates who do have intellectual disabilities. 

How many players will be on the field at a time?

Each game will be 5v5. Each team will have 3 adaptive players and 2 unified partners on the field at a time.

How long are the games?

Each game will have four (4) seven-minute quarters with a five-minute halftime.


Have more questions? Email: alice@imlaxutah.org