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Women’s Summer 7s League Rules

*Updated April 2023*

▪ All players must have goggles, a mouth guard, and NO jewelry. 

▪ All players must sign in at the table prior to each game. 

▪ Games are 10-minute quarters running time, with 1 minute between quarters and 5-minute halftime. Game clock will start on time. 

▪ There is no cross-rostering allowed (with the exception of goalies- see below for more info). If a team does not have enough players, they may play the game down or they may forfeit the game. If a team forfeits, the game may still be played using any registered players present. Both teams must agree on this before the start of the game! 

  • New 2022 Rule Change: goalies may play for multiple teams without it resulting in a forfeit as long as the goalie is registered with the league.

▪ Any game called in a forfeit will be marked as a 1-0 victory for the winning team. 

▪ Games will be played on a Crossfield (short field). 

▪ The draw will only be taken at the start of each quarter. A center circle is not lined on the field. Players not taking the draw must stand inside the 12-meter fan until possession. 

▪ Teams are allowed ONE time-out (1 min.), the clock will stop. During extreme heat, mandatory water breaks will take the place of team timeouts. 

▪ Goalies will clear the ball after a save AND after a goal. After goals, officials will start the 10-second count once the goalie has possession of the ball. Every effort must be made to get the ball quickly so we can keep the game moving.

▪ Any game ending in a tie will go into a one 3-minute sudden victory overtime. 

▪ NCAA Rules will apply with a few exceptions: 

  • No stick check after goals 
  • Offsides – only 5 attack and 6 defensive players (including goalie) may cross the restraining line (2 players must stay behind the restraining line if you have a full 8 players on the field). During a penalty situation (green, yellow, or red card), that team must play down a player on both offensive and defensive ends.
  • No Possession Clock