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Youth Lacrosse League Stucture & Breakdown

*This page contains general information about all of our different youth lacrosse leagues for girls (K-8th Grade)*


General: The Intermountain Lacrosse Youth Leagues are grade based leagues, meaning the appropriate league a player is eligible to play for in a given season is determined by what grade the player is enrolled in during that season, and not neccesarily determined by a players age. The breakdown of the leagues are as follows:

7th/8th: All players enrolled in the 7th or 8th grade.

5th/6th: All players enrolled in the 5th and 6th grade. 

3rd/4th: All players enrolled in the 3rd and 4th grade.

K-2nd: All players enrolled in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

*Pre-K are permitted with prior parental consent & league approval


Fall Season vs. Spring Season:

Number of Games: 5 Game Fall Season vs. 8 game Spring Season

*Fall games are Saturdays ONLY in FALL, Teams may have 1-2 weeknight games in the spring*

Post-season: There is no post-season play at any level in the fall. 5th-8th grade divisions have playoffs during the spring

ALL Star Game: There will be no All-Star games at any level in the fall, 5th-8th grade divisions have All-Star Games in the spring


What team/program should I register for? 

The boys and girls youth leagues teams/programs largely stem down through the affiliated high school lacrosse programs. Players are to register, and eligible to play, for the team/program that corresponds to the public high school boundaries in which they live. If your school/area does not have a lacrosse program players are then placed on the next closest team/program in the league. You may contact the office if you have questions about the next closest program, and/or visit the "team pages" section of the website to view all of the current teams/programs in each league (use the 3 dropdown menus to select (1) season (2) league/age-group (3)team/program)

US Lacrosse Membership: ALL players must have a current and valid US Lacrosse membership in order to participate in any league activities (practice and/or games). These are 1 year memberships that act as secondary insurance for any injuries incurred during team lacrosse activities. A palyers membership may not expire until after the end date of any given season. Note: membership includes a 12 month, monthly, subscription to Lacrosse Magazine